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cloisonne vase
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black cloisonne; vintage black cloisonne

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  Featured Cloisonne Item:

Cloisonne Feature 4Feature 3; Beautifully Crafted Large Tan Cloisonne Vase with Peonies, Black Bird and Red Blossom Highlights


Many of our items have not yet been entered in our shopping cart.  If this is the case for an item you see, please feel free to contact us at



About Our Items:

Almost ALL OF OUR ITEMS ARE USED. We indicate vintage or antique. That means they are not NEW, they have been used.

* Our scale of condition:
---- NEW; NEW (never used).
---- NIB; New in Box; NEW (never used) with original box.
---- MINT CONDITION; As used by auction houses and implying the item is vintage or antique but is in perfect condition, without flaws.  This is a highly sought category and not often used. Nothing is ever perfect, but mint is as close as it gets.
---- EXCELLENT; indicating as new but not quite perfect.
---- VERY GOOD CONDITION; some condition problems and they are explained
---- GOOD; implies there are more serious condition problems.
---- ACCEPTABLE; problems that do not impair good for the use intended, but may not be aesthetically pleasing.

Each Cloisonne piece we sell was HANDMADE and there are some inherent blemishes in such handmade products that ARE NOT CONSIDERED DEFECTS such as firing pops, slips, voids, etc. . . . more helpful cloisonne information.

- Please ask questions before buying. We check our eMail often, and answer quickly.
- If we have misidentified an item, we appreciate receiving corrected information.
- We specialize in vintage items, and we strive to be accurate about condition, but most of our items are nearly or over a century years old and probably won't look "new".
- Often the best treasures are found in long-forgotten corners of the household.  We give everthing a superficial cleaning, but due to the fragile nature of many of the items we handle, we leave the remaining cleaning up to the new owner.
- If you feel an item does not meet your expectations, or we somehow overlooked something, please contact us at

Payment, Shipping & Insurance:

- Buyer pays shipping and handling.
- We use lots of paper, bubble wrap and peanuts. However, if the buyer does not choose insurance, the buyer is responsible for loss or damage in shipment.

Return Policy:

- Item may be returned if we agree that the item was misrepresented.
- Refund will be made of purchase price to buyer.
- Buyer pays a 10% restocking fee and all shipping fees and insurance.
- Item must be returned within seven (30) days of receipt of item, in its original condition, and in its original packaging.




red brick cloisonne vases with dragons

tan cloisonne vase with peonies and birds

tan cloisonne vase with peonies and birds

off white cloisonne vases with red birds

gold-tone open work champleve matching ginger jars

gold-tone open work champleve mathcing ginger jars

gold-tone open work champleve mathcing ginger jars

white cloisonne vase

blue cloisonne ginger jar

deep blue matching pair cloisone vases with butterflies

tan cloisone vases with flowers and butterflies

large matching 10-1/8 inch tall tan cloisone vases with floral design

black lidded cloisonne jar with floral design

black lidded cloisonne urn

large aqua cloisonne vase with red birds

vintage antique cloisonne vases

red cloisonne vases

red brick cloisonne vases

cobalt blue cloisonne vases

brick red cloisonne vase

gold cloisonne vase

light blue cloisonne vases

deep blue cloisonne vases

red cloisonne plate